Details About the Committee for Citizen Awareness Program

The CCA coordinates with local hosts, other distinguished Americans and members of Congress to bring free civic educational DVDs to students and other citizens across the country.

The CCA offers a series of seven Telly and Accolade award-winning DVDs:

  • The U.S. Congress and You
  • Your Court System and You
  • Your Executive Branch and You
  • Where We Stand (a global comparison of our health and standard of living)
  • We the People...The U.S. Constitution and You
  • Patriotism and You
  • Your Representative's Job in the U.S. Congress

Each DVD is customized to a particular congressional district and features appearances by a local host and usually that district's member of Congress, who help relate national issues to the local area. Over 350 members of Congress and over 2,000 local hosts have appeared on these videos.

Through the sponsorship of local hosts, the DVDs are provided at no cost to all public and private high schools, community and junior colleges, cable television stations and many chambers of commerce and public libraries in that host's congressional district. Teachers and librarians have sent the CCA thousands of notes thanking us and local hosts for providing quality educational DVDs and the web site at no cost.

Local hosts sponsor the distribution of DVDs through a tax deductible contribution of $3,500 a year for two years. More than 2,000 organizations have joined CCA as local hosts including universities, hospitals, credit unions, law firms and small and large organizations or companies.