The U.S. Congress and You

Synopsis: This videotape explains the U.S. Congress, the legislative process and the role citizens can and should play in the process.

It features Bob Schieffer, anchor and moderator of CBS News' Face the Nation and CBS News' Chief Washington Correspondent and, in the majority of cases, the member of Congress who represents the locale in which the videotape is being shown. A local host of the videotape also appears on the tape to give opening and closing remarks.

Examples of local hosts include the University of Massachusetts, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and hundreds of other major organizations.

Viewer Feedback:

What teachers and other community members are saying about "The U.S. Congress and You":

"This is the 'light bulb' I've been looking for."
- High School in Delray Beach,FL

"This tape was and is the best explanation that our students have ever viewed on Congress. They actually understood Congress."
- High School in Robertsonville, NC

"This tape is excellent. The personalization of the information to the local area really brings home the message of involvement."
- High School in Kelso, WA

"A picture is worth a thousand words.' This video is then worth millions of words."
- Library in Chicago, IL

"The most up-to-date and to-the-point explanation of Congress that I have viewed. The teachers and students found it more comprehensible than their text books."
- High School in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"An excellent program -- just what teenagers need to understand our system of government."
- Academy in Mt. St. Ursula, Bronx, NY