We The People... The U.S. Constitution and You

Synopsis: This video presentation explains the principles of the Constitution and how it affects the lives of Americans. "We the People...The U.S. Constitution and You" features and is narrated by Caroline Kennedy, author of In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action and daughter of President John F. Kennedy.

As well, appearing on the videotape is a representative of one local host organization. In addition, in the majority of cases, the member of Congress who represents the area in which the tape is being shown appears on the tape to help audiences feel more of a personal connection to this issue, which can seem remote.

Viewer Feedback:

What teachers and other community members are saying about "We the People...The U.S. Constitution and You":

"This is the best video from CCA so far! Caroline Kennedy was a great choice for narrator. Thanks for the donation."
- High School in Arvada, CO

"The video was outstanding, fresh and up-to-date. The students didn't fall asleep."
- High School in South Holland, IL

"Very well done. It will hold the students' attention."
- Alternative Center for Education in Westminster, CO

"An excellent resource for classes studying the Constitution...good length, appropriate level, up-to-date."
- High School in Edgewood, CO

"It was great! It held students' interest and gave them a deeper meaning of the role of the Constitution in their lives."
- High School in Springfield, IL

"Very applicable, well documented. A valuable resource for class."
- High School in Plainville, NY