Your Executive Branch and You

Synopsis: This videotape explains the executive branch from the perspective of how it impacts an individual's life and how a typical citizen can access it. It is designed to supplement high school, junior and community college classes, as well as for cable television viewing.

"Your Executive Branch and You" features the former Secretary of Education under President Bill Clinton, Richard Riley; the former Secretary of Transportation under President George Bush, Sam Skinner; and a representative of one local host organization.

It also features, in the majority of cases, the member of Congress who represents the area in which the tape is being shown. The member, or another local public official, is invited to appear on the localized videotape to help audiences have more of a connection to the issue of the executive branch, which can seem remote.

Viewer Feedback:

What teachers and other community members are saying about "The Executive Branch and You":

"Your video on the executive branch is not only excellent but a needed contribution to civic education. Keep up the good work."
- Community College in Panama City, FL

"Excellent... very informative."
- Middle School in Danville, VA

"Both students and adults will find this production useful and informative."
- Library in Allen, TX

"Thanks for the top-notch video. Very well done and educational."
- Junior High School in Tolma, ND

"This is a fantastic addition to our video collection. It will be a very useful source for our teachers' units on American government. Thank you for your generosity."
- High School in Iberia, MO

"This important video is a regular part of our Social Studies curriculum."
- Media Center in Chicago, IL