Your Court System and You

Synopsis: A detailed explanation of the structure of our court system, "Your Court System and You" portrays two hypothetical cases that illustrate the details of the judicial process.

This video features an appearance by an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. It also features a representative of one local host organization as well as, in most cases, the member of Congress representing the area in which the tape is being shown.

The videotape is customized for each congressional district so that it explains how a particular area's court system is unique from courts in other states and locales. As well, the video includes video footage or photos of local courthouses.

Viewer Feedback:

What teachers and other community members are saying about "Your Court System and You":

"This video is perfect."
- High School in Saltsburg, PA

"I love this video!!! It is entertaining as well as educational and keeps the attention of the students."
- High School in Canton, OH

"Great video! The students liked your examples of the civil and criminal cases best."
- High School in Mars, PA

"Thank you very much. The kids loved the cases and learned from them."
- Library in Astoria, NY

"Your 'Court System and You' video is an impressive production."
- Tufts University in Boston, MA
[Ranked #28 of Best National Universities-Doctoral in "U.S. News and World Report" 2002]

"This is exceptional."
- High School in Hazelton, PA