Patriotism and You

Synopsis: This videotape explores the role of patriotism in America — the obligations and benefits — both in daily life and in national/international crises such as the aftermath of September 11.

This videotape features:

  • Former Secretary of State Colin Powell
  • War veterans former Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole (R-KS) and former Senator Max Cleland (D-GA).
  • Vice President Joseph Biden, former Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and pertinent Chairman during 9/11.
  • Former Chairman of the House International Relations Committee and pertinent Chairman during 9/11, Congressman Henry Hyde (R-IL).

The "Patriotism and You" videotape is localized by congressional district to help audiences feel more of a personal connection to how their area responded to and was changed by the September 11th terrorist attack. The tape will help them relate more closely, through the subject of patriotism, to their fellow Americans and their country. As part of the localization of these tapes, in the majority of cases, the Member of Congress constitutionally elected to represent the area in which the tape is being shown, accepts the CCA's invitation to appear on the tape.

Examples of local hosts include the Teachers Federal Credit Union, UNC at Chapel Hill, Educaid-Wachovia Corporation, and hundreds of other major organizations.

Viewer Feedback:

What teachers and other community members are saying about "Patriotism and You":

"What a tremendous teaching aid for 'such a time as this!'"
- High School in Deer Park, NY

"Thanks SO Much! It is indeed perfect for our times."
- High School in Adamsville, AL

"We are using it in our civics classes and the students are enjoying it."
- High School in Farmer City, IL

"In light of 9-11, our middle school has expanded its curriculum to focus more on the concept of patriotism."
- High School in Kings Park, NY

"Our students responded great to the video. It was thought-provoking."
- High School in Gays, IL

"Helps enrich our program... on a level the students can relate to."
- High School in Harrison, NJ