Where We Stand

“As the largest supporter of biomedical research in the world, a crucial part of the NIH mission is the dissemination of authoritative, research-based, life -saving health information to the public. The CCA and its partners are helping NIH achieve this goal and we thank you… We are so pleased to have you and your local partners engaged in a nationwide effort to educate young Americans on the work of the NIH and biomedical research to improve health and reduce the burden of disease.” -Excerpt from Letter issued from the National Institute of Health

Synopsis: This video, produced and released in 2013, features the Director of the National Institutes of Health and journalist George Stephanopoulos.

It discusses America's leadership in the world in the areas of medical research and innovation, as well as access to well-equipped emergency medical facilities. However, it also includes some startling new information about how the U.S. has fallen to the worst place among the 17 high-income countries in terms of a number of health and well-being indices.

It goes into detail about several areas of personal choice and how Americans compare to other countries in these areas, including alcohol, tobacco and drug use; traffic accidents; and cancer rates, for example.

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"This is a great supplement to our Government, Economics and Geography curriculum. Updated materials give relevance to the lessons we are teaching."
- High School in Linden, MI

"The information and statistics are especially relevant for our social studies programs."
- Sr. High School in Slatington, PA

"I used it right away. It fit in perfectly with my study of International Economic Statistics. Thanks."
- School District in Greenville, PA

"Perfect for my health class. It covered almost everything we are going to do in class"
- High School in Firebaugh, CA

"Very clear, well-done. My students found the information fascinating."
- High School in Edgewood, CO

"Short, to the point, education video! The stats were great."
- High School in Sylva, NC

"This is a great subject and we need attention-holding videos."
- High School in Fitzgerald, GA

"Very informative. My classes enjoyed the overall content. Very though provoking."
- High School in Los Angeles, CA